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    Gordo Marketing is an individualized, custom, music marketing and promotion firm that also provides expert witness & consultant services to music litigants. We are highly dedicated to helping major and independent artists and recording labels gain airplay at all popular radio formats. We also consult on diverse projects such as: artist management, concert promotion and production, and media buying. We handle everything from large budget accounts, to low cost guerrilla marketing strategies. The founder of Gordo Marketing, A. Scott Gordon, also serves as an expert witness and consultant on cases involving music business litigation, specifically in the areas of music promotion, marketing, and copyright issues.

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    All of our products are delivered and customized by legendary Detroit DJ and promotion/marketing veteran, Scott Gordon. In addition to being one of the first Detroit Techno DJ's (as Scott "Go-Go" Gordon), Scott discovered and mentored now world famous DJ Richie Hawtin. Scott has extensive experience as VP of National Promotion at EMI Records Group, Regional Marketing and Internet Promotion at Island Def Jam Music Group, Head of Promotion for Gee Street Records, National Promotion at N2K Encoded Music, and National Promotion at Strictly Rhythm Records. Scott has also been on the air and Music Director at many major-market radio stations in the United States such as: WKBQ St. Louis, KHTK St. Louis, WDFX Detroit, WHYT Detroit, WCSX Detroit and WMJC Detroit. Scott has also produced many 12" extended dance remixes of songs as a result of being one of the original Detroit Techno DJ’s, as well as reporting for Billboard Magazine's Dance Music Chart.

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    And yes, for you long-time Detroiters, Scott is the son of the late Lou and Jackie Gordon, of WKBD TV's “The Lou Gordon Program” (also known as "The Lou Gordon Show").  Lou Gordon was described this way in a recently-published book: “He was Detroit’s Mike Wallace, a broadcast cop who cowered before no one. The bigger the interview, the tougher he got. Most interviewers bowed and scraped before Bob Hope, but Gordon asked him about his defense of President Richard Nixon during the Viet Nam era. Gordon questioned George Wallace’s sanity - to his face. Gordon was, by far, the most feared man in television, maybe in the history of the local medium.” (From Soupy to Nuts! A History of Detroit Television, by Tim Kiska, Momentum Books LLC, 2005).

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