Bullet Points Highlighting Scott Gordon's Skill-Sets
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. Scott Gordon – Supplemental Bullet Points

These bullet points should serve as an adjunct to my resume by increasing the understanding of my varied and broad skill-sets.

• In the record business: Face-to-face meetings with A and B level executives, as well as department heads at radio stations, independent promoters and trade magazines in the top 100 national markets.  This includes major broadcast groups (CBS, ABC, Entercom, Infinity, etc.) as well as locally owned stations.

• $75k expense account, not just for travel and entertainment, but also to “make it happen.”  Whether it’s flying an artist from Paris to NY on the Concorde to honor a promotional concert for a major radio station; or an $8,000 dinner building relationships with key decision makers; or $10 lunches with staff to build a groundswell of support; my job was to “make it happen” regardless of obstacles.

• National and international travel to secure airplay for my artists via face-to-face meetings with decision makers to secure airplay for my artists.  These meetings are highly competitive as I am up against 100+ new records each week for 3 to 4 open slots at any given radio station as well as the representatives from the other record labels pitching their music (i.e. Columbia, Interscope, Universal, RCA, Atlantic, etc.).

• Stadium level concert touring: Liaising with tour personnel and all radio stations in a given market to create on-stage promotions, meet and greets with the artist, placement of live broadcasting in the venue for radio stations in the market (lot’s of competition with this as each radio station wants to be front and center, giving away the best prizes, being the co-promoter, etc.).  I handled all contesting, ticket give-a-ways, radio interviews with the artist, front-row seats, etc.

• Quantitative, qualitative and analytical problem-solving skills; planning and organization skills (e.g.: set marketing and promotion priorities with over 100 radio stations in the top 100 markets simultaneously and/or designing advertising and marketing solutions for advertisers).
• Initiative, motivation and follow through with tasks and projects; build productive working relationships with major artist managers, multi-platinum recording artists,
co-workers, media (especially radio), advertisers, agencies and the public.

• By generating early airplay on artists, early sales were also generated in my territory and “broke” single and album campaigns for areas of the country that fell under my supervision.  This stimulated airplay and sales in other territories and eventually the entire country.

• Interfaced with sales department at recording labels on a daily/hourly basis regarding: Airplay, P.O.P., Price and positioning, CD single and full-length sales, in-store appearances by artists, record release parties, and stock checks.

• Consistently conceived of new promotion and marketing ideas to make our product stand out – ideas that translated into greater visibility and sales for our artists.  These ideas were ultimately utilized for national and international recording campaigns.

• Proficient in all technologies used in record promotion and radio dales: All Microsoft products, Tapscan, Maximi$er, Qualitap, MediaMaster, Music Information Systems, R&R On-Line, Etc.

• While working for CBS Radio in sales: I conducted the same kind of face-to-face meetings as above; except with local, regional and national advertisers performing marketing, promotion and advertising solutions through customer based selling.

• Sales, marketing, promotion and account management skills in every position held.

• Bottom-line results achieved through competitor analysis, attention to detail and creative targeting to key market segments.  Including cold calling and managing over 50 simultaneous marketing and advertising campaigns for direct and agency campaigns.

• Consistently closed the sale while competing against over 40 other broadcast (radio) facilities, each with up to 20 account executives and multiple product, promotional and added value offerings.

• Influenced the decision making process through pre-set appointments, cold calls, lunch and learn presentations, attending conventions, providing samples and offering timely communication with clients and the home office.  Routinely out-paced all sellers in my facility.  Closed more sales in first month than any other advertising executive in my facility.

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